Elect Craig Marson and Veronica Appelle
Democrats for Responsible Development
Primary June 8, 2021
A Voice for ALL Residents

Craig R. Marson & Veronica Appelle

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Responsible Budgetary Spending
Protect Single Family Character
Independent From Developers

Why We Are the Best Choice

Woocliff Lake is currently facing economic and structural challenges caused by the pandemic, the threat of overdevelopment and several litigations. You are entitled to council members with fiscal, planning and management experience who are committed to representing the interests of all citizens and are not obligated to a small number of influential residents.

Doing the right thing is difficult; we relish the challenge.

We seek the opportunity to help guide Woodcliff Lake by:

  • Balancing our budget and eliminating excess spending across all municipal departments;
  • Revitalizing our commercial corridors while protecting the single family residential character of our neighborhoods;
  • Maintaining the strength of our incredible school system;
  • Fulfilling our Affordable Housing obligations with minimal impact on our community; and
  • Enacting useful guidelines to address social and economic concerns regarding new Cannabis legislation.
Woodcliff Lake Council
Democratic Primary
June 8th, 2021
Vote for incumbent
Craig R. Marson and
Veronica Appelle
Our town needs leadership that will protect the interests of all residents.
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The primary election ballot places incumbent Councilman Craig Marson and running mate Veronica Appelle in the 3rd column. 
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Vote for Craig Marson and Veronica Appelle

Former Mayor / Councilwoman Josephine Higgins asks you to vote - COLUMN 3

Sit Down with
Veronica Appelle

Interview with Incumbent and Candidate
Craig Marson

Endorsement from Council President
Angela Hayes

Endorsement from Councilman
Richard Schnoll

Endorsement from Former Mayor and Councilwoman Josephine Higgins

Meet Craig Marson
and Veronica Appelle

Incumbent Craig R. Marson

Craig is a 12 year resident of Woodcliff Lake and who lives with his wife Kerry Madden and two daughters on the East side of town. He has served Woodcliff Lake in multiple positions, most recently being elected to Council with a significant margin this past November. Craig currently serves on the Council's Budget/Personnel and Legal Committees. He has committed his legal, accounting and financial advisory skill set to helping Woodcliff Lake navigate one of the most difficult economic and structural climates in recent history.

He previously served on Woodcliff Lakes' Planning Board and Affordable Housing Committee and passionately supports maintaining the character of our neighborhood while promoting sensible growth.

Craig aspires to live by his personal motto: "always be improving". He believes that great ideas should be supported regardless of their source.

He received his BS in accounting with a minor in Economics from SUNY Albany and his JD from St. John's University School of Law. He is a licensed Attorney, CPA (both New York) and he is registered with the SEC as an Investment Advisor Representative. He is a Principal, Director of Financial Planning and CCO of 5C Capital Management, LLC a New Jersey/New York based Registered Investment Advisor.

Craig is proud to represent his business clients as a Fiduciary and adheres to this standard in his decision-making process with our Council. He seeks to add value by applying decades of experience solving investment, financial planning, litigation support and business consulting issues. Craig is committed to putting the town's interests ahead of his own.

Craig Marson would like to continue serving the people of Woodcliff Lake as a Councilman. If you have any questions or concerns, email Craig at

Woodcliff lake council
Democratic Primary
June 8th, 2021
Vote for Incumbent
Craig R. Marson

Veronica Appelle

Veronica is a 42-year resident of WCL. Both she and her husband love this community and particularly the school system that educated their daughter. As an educator, Veronica worked for 44 years teaching, and counseling in 5 school districts in Bergen and Passaic counties, as well as recruiting for a university. She is a retired school principal with a school population of over 500 students. In her capacity as principal, she has experience in budgeting, capital projects planning, personnel, and many other skills which she hopes to bring to the council.

In town, Veronica chaired the Affordable Housing committee which developed and implemented the Dutch colonial style affordable rentals on Broadway and the duplexes on Centennial Way. Both projects were a collaborative effort by a residents’ committee who realized the need for, and importance of affordable housing on both the East and West sides of town. 

For over 23 years Veronica was the Treasurer, Vice-President and President of Chatiemac Village Homeowners Association in New York State, and as such was in a position to handle budgets, approve housing plans and moderate and solve disputes.

Since retiring, she has volunteered for the Atruim Acute Care Facility in Park Ridge, as well as over 11 years with Meals on Wheels serving the Pascack Valley.

Veronica would like to continue serving the people of Woodcliff Lake as a Councilwoman, and if you have questions or concerns or would just like to know her better, email her at

Woodcliff lake
Democratic Primary
June 8th, 2021
Vote for
Veronica Appelle

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